RE: [asa] Re: (religious memes?) [christians_in_science] Brilliant article by Dawkins

From: Dehler, Bernie <>
Date: Wed Aug 26 2009 - 11:39:22 EDT

Ted said:
"... Dawkins -- who, apart from his idea of religion being a "meme" that we "catch" like a virus, hasn't had an original thought about religion in his life."

If religion were just a man-made meme, maybe there would be a way to test it. For example, what if it is discovered that there is nothing new (revelatory wise) from the OT or NT? Would that mean that everything about Christianity evolved, since none of it was new?

Here are some items to consider:
-- Blood atonement
-- Eternal life
What was revealed from God to man, in the Bible, that other cultures didn't already have? Christ dying on the cross for sins is new, but there were other ways to sacrifice and atone for sins prior to Moses and Jesus.

I'm reading about that now in evangelical Christian Prof. Sparks' book "Ancient Texts For The Study Of The Hebrew Bible: A Guide To The Background Literature."

I'm serious- I'd like to know what God revealed that was so unique- I'd like to study that to see if it is true. It could make interesting discussion.


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