Re: [asa] (ancient theodicy, 'ancient theology') Deism, Apologetics, and Neglected Arguments

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Wed Aug 26 2009 - 08:53:28 EDT

Murray Hogg wrote:
> But as for the alternate responses, I personally think it's a very
> hard question: why WOULD God choose to create through evolution when
> the process is intrinsically competitive and contrary to the command
> to love one's neighbour?
Sometimes I wonder if, given all the constraints, God's creating through
evolution was the only way he could get the kind of people he ultimately
wanted. The kind of constraints I am thinking of are things like moral
imperatives. As I see it God does not want determinism to rule the
people he looks for although our freedom is quite limited.

> Again, "I don't know" is, to me, an appropriate response and one I can
> live with.
 I think we often have to live with I don't know. Too often we attempt
to go beyond our limitations, not only in science but it theology, some
things are simply mysteries. I do think that mankind's breaking of the
law has made the situation worse, much worse and that the results of
such sin go down through the generations.

Dave W

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