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Okay. Now that's two of you who have voted for ambidextrous --- though, may I
point out, for slightly different reasons, which may cast some doubt on your
logic. By the way, Murray, your credit card number, 7, isn't going through. I
think I need an expiration date too. My great-great grandfather, who lived
back in the day when God's number system--binary--was still the only game in
town; he wanted to be the first to get a credit card.
But his assigned number was: 1. (His wife beat him to it and got the first
card.) ---I think they used one bit encryption back then just to play it safe.

More seriously on the Dawkins matter: we can all criticize him for his pig-
headed opposition to Collins and his other standing intellectual or
atheological short-comings, but let's also maybe let a few rays of grace shine
through. The fact that he was willing to co-author a paper with a
scientifically respected Christian leader AND he allowed the last sentence to
be a pro-theological one (even if he was careful to disown that part) ---still
all this I found to be encouraging on Dawkins behalf, that maybe some of the
ice is thawing just a wee bit. Were I to see the same inkling of beginnings
towards deeper reflection in some of our own stubborn anti-evolutionist
leadership, I would rejoice.


Quoting David Clounch <>:

> You are all off your rockers.
> Since I tend toward zen buddhism and the god with many arms I am going to
> claim that god is actually ambidextrous. Obviously god did not make the
> universe nor did he design nature because had he done so all physical
> matter would be racemic (consist of equal amounts of left handed and right
> handed particles). If you chant properly you will come to the enlightened
> (but independent) conclusion that electrons spin in both directions
> simultaneously.
> And speaking of Libya and chiral peanut farming, (I mean screwy
> agriculture) I told Steve Pawlenty that if his brother were to be elected
> vice-president (and later president) then he (Steve) would be the Billy
> Carter of the 21st century and he really should just leave the country now
> while the getting is good. Oddly enough the very next week he did leave the
> country - and I began to worry he knew something I didn't. I learned later
> it was for a long planned carribean cruise and second honeymoon.
> On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 5:26 PM, <> wrote:
> > Quoting Ted Davis <>:
> >
> > > On the other hand, I think we can be confident that God is left-handed
> > (the
> > > fact that I am also is, I assure you, independent of this conclusion)
> and
> > is
> > > almost certainly a fan of the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs.
> > (That's
> > > one reason why the Cubs didn't get to the World Series in one of the
> > recent
> > > years when the Saux did -- God wouldn't have known what to do. Thus, in
> > one
> > > memorable instance, God intervened through the glove of a fan near the
> > foul
> > > line in Wrigley Field. This relates to theodicy as well, but I'll leave
> > that
> > > out for now.)
> > >
> > > Ted
> > >
> >
> > The above paragraph demonstrates beyond any reasonable intelligent doubt
> > that
> > Ted is off his rocker. Anybody with half a brain knows that God is really
> > right-handed. Why else would there be *right*-hand rules built into
> > electromagnetics or gyroscopic inertias? I assure you in my own unbiased
> > assessment (completely independently of my own right-handedness) that we
> > should
> > be teaching kids these specific facts in our public schools.
> >
> > Also --since God is obviously right-handed it does mean, Ted, that you
> > aren't
> > made in the image of God, like we righties are. You really ought to have
> > that
> > lefty stuff looked at; maybe they have medications for it by now.
> >
> > (and just in case someone peeks in and thinks any of this was serious,
> > well,
> > --please get in contact with me. I have some money tied up in Libya that
> I
> > would like to get moved to a bank in America. All I need is your credit
> > card
> > number...)
> >
> > --Merv
> >
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