Re: [asa] Re: (Santa?) [christians_in_science] Brilliant article by Dawkins

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Tue Aug 25 2009 - 18:40:11 EDT

I used to think the earth rotated counter-clockwise around the sun, until it was pointed out to me that if you look at it from the other side...

In consequence, I'm sure the only reason physicists think things are right-handed is because they're looking at them from the top.

Now, God, on the other hand, can look at everything from both sides at once all the time - so everything is going both ways at once.

I conclude that that God is ambidextrous and both Ted and Merv (and the entire physics community) are off their nut.

PS, Merv: if you aren't TOO offended by the above, my credit card number is 7 (I inherited it from my Grandfather who was one of the first in). I can help move your money as far as Australia - after that, you're on your own...

Murray wrote:
> The above paragraph demonstrates beyond any reasonable intelligent doubt that
> Ted is off his rocker. Anybody with half a brain knows that God is really
> right-handed. Why else would there be *right*-hand rules built into
> electromagnetics or gyroscopic inertias? I assure you in my own unbiased
> assessment (completely independently of my own right-handedness) that we should
> be teaching kids these specific facts in our public schools.
> Also --since God is obviously right-handed it does mean, Ted, that you aren't
> made in the image of God, like we righties are. You really ought to have that
> lefty stuff looked at; maybe they have medications for it by now.
> (and just in case someone peeks in and thinks any of this was serious, well,
> --please get in contact with me. I have some money tied up in Libya that I
> would like to get moved to a bank in America. All I need is your credit card
> number...)
> --Merv
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