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I know that the vast majority of folks here disagree, but evolution is no
more a fact (as Dawkins asserts in his article) than anything else. I'm not
here to argue that, just to state that most reasonable scientists would not
insist on something being "proven" when there is valid and reasonable
disagreement from multiple sources. And not all of us are baying, nor


This type of thing apparently happens only in biology. Most physicists do
not insist that the Big Bang is a "fact" even though it has been shown
mathematically (logical "proof" if you will) many more times and in many
more different ways - there's still folks who don't accept it - mainly
because it points directly at God.


The only rationale for refusing to accept evolution as not being a fact is
that you have no other alternative that is natural. Thus the insistence on
the only possible alternative that does not include the supernatural acts of
a God.


You may assert that it's a "fact" just as Dawkins does - it remains an
assertion, nothing more.


That point aside - Dawkins is no more polite or logical in this article than
he is in any of his rantings, just slightly more subdued - says one of the
alleged "baying pack of ignoramuses". Does this sort of comment remind you
of a scientist who is willing to restrict himself to logical arguments
without fallacious underpinnings? I think not.


I for one would welcome the capacity to test the reality of God. I don't
think that Dawkins' tests and my tests would be the same, however. The
foundation of RTB is the TCM.I say let's test it!





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I guess the text is OK as far as it goes, if it weren't for the person who
wrote it. Dawkins fails to realize that he's part of the problem.


The biggest problem was indicated in the recent article by Michael Ruse.
Since Morris and Whitcomb's book and their attempts at incursions into the
science curricula, scientists have repeatedly emphasized that the existence
of God and other such related issues are outside the scope of science and
therefore outside the scope of the high school science class. Now comes
Dawkins and his idea that the existence of God is a scientific question that
can be tested (and, according to him, refuted). Is that a step we want to






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No, I am not joking. There was an absolutely brilliant article in The Times
today on the menace of creationism. Excellent stuff, not one attack on
Christianity. It does have a few necessary comments on bishops and clergy
put in an understatement.


Ii is on



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