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From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Mon Aug 24 2009 - 17:23:56 EDT
I ran into the same problem when I included a quote that I liked from a book that was totally wrong in its conclusions.  Who it is and where it comes from raises suspicions and alarms no matter how accurately they make the case you want to use.

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I guess the text is OK as far as it goes, if it weren’t for the person who wrote it. Dawkins fails to realize that he’s part of the problem.

The biggest problem was indicated in the recent article by Michael Ruse. Since Morris and Whitcomb’s book and their attempts at incursions into the science curricula, scientists have repeatedly emphasized that the existence of God and other such related issues are outside the scope of science and therefore outside the scope of the high school science class. Now comes Dawkins and his idea that the existence of God is a scientific question that can be tested (and, according to him, refuted). Is that a step we want to take-


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No, I am not joking. There was an absolutely brilliant article in The Times today on the menace of creationism. Excellent stuff, not one attack on Christianity. It does have a few necessary comments on bishops and clergy put in an understatement.


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