Re: [asa] World sets ocean temperature record

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri Aug 21 2009 - 23:16:23 EDT

Black Forest,

As Randy indicated, it's OK to discuss global warming here, incl arguments for and against a significant human component. The difficulty with this particular issue, which has led us to suspend or (in at least one case) permanently ban someone from posting, is that some were using this list as a place to make partisan political attacks or to make personal attacks on other users of the list. Neither is allowed here; anyone interested in that can find numerous other places for it.

At the ASA, we want to foster helpful, informative, and respectful exchanges of views on issues related to science and Christian faith. Environmental stewardship certainly falls within this. Attacking candidate X or list member Y does not. Discussing the opinion that we would be better stewards if we were to do Z, would be legitimate.

Ted (ASA president)

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