Re: [asa] World sets ocean temperature record

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Fri Aug 21 2009 - 17:11:11 EDT

I get browned off by pop GW arguments especially those peddled by churches and in schools. I wince when I go into our local state primary schools
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  I'd have to agree with Dave Wallace, and I was just in the middle of writing a post along those lines.

  And the idea that there are two camps involved in the global warming/climate-change debate - the people who are correct, and the people motivated by politics - just doesn't wash. It is entirely possible for AGW claims to be true, yet for the people "demanding action" to be largely, even exclusively motivated by politics. There's such a thing as co-opting truth to an illicit end.

  On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 4:37 PM, Dave Wallace <> wrote:

    It seems to me that this is getting rather close to politics for this list! To my mind both sides have a political agenda. In Canada at least one could easily argue that the left wants a cap and trade tax so as to increase tax revenues, tax freedom day is already June 6th.
    Dave W

    Murray Hogg wrote:

      Hi John,

      Sadly, I suspect you're right. I'm not sure what can be done there - although fortunately people who allow their science to be driven by their social agenda seem to be increasingly marginalized. Long may it continue!


      John Burgeson (ASA member) wrote:

        Murray -- thanks for the link. It will not register, however, on those
        who see AGW as a political issue.


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