Re: [asa] Deism, Apologetics, and Neglected Arguments

From: David Clounch <>
Date: Thu Aug 20 2009 - 12:26:04 EDT

I am working my way through your posting.

[Ted said] Second, I am unable to believe that a very large number of ID
proponents and adherents (the latter meaning the camp followers who provide
the political support) are willing to grant that humans and other animals
are related by common descent; and I think the evidence for that is pretty
strong. In other words, as we've said quite often here, despite clear and
outspoken exceptions like Mike Behe and Michael Denton (who has dissociated
himself from the ID movement), ID is mainly an anti-evolutionary movement in
the classical sense: it is intended to encourage people to question common
descent, whether or not that intention is openly stated up front. (Note
please that I did not say "creationist," b/c that term has a number of
implications that don't apply to ID.) I think this could be the number one
reason why someone like Simon Conway Morris (whose ideas resonate with ID
otherwise) so vigorously denies association with ID. Understandably, he
doesn't want anyone to think tha!

On "classical anti-evolutionary movement ... intended to encourage people
to question common descent".

Thats a very hidden element of the movement, and it took a long while to
detect it. But there are so many adherents to the movement that insist upon
this as a plank in its platform that it doesn't matter whether the
originators intended this or not.

And it is why I left the movement. Quite frankly, I felt lied to.

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