Re: [asa] (death of kids) Nothing_in_Biology_Makes_Sense_Except_in_the_Light_of_Evolution

From: David Clounch <>
Date: Thu Aug 20 2009 - 12:13:24 EDT

> Lemoureux identifies ‘ancient science’ and ‘ancient history’ as important
> hermeneutic principles. I agree- and I think I also see ‘ancient theology’
> which I think is still too scary for any(?) Christian to accept, yet.
> Lemoureux already has an uphill battle with ‘ancient science and history.’
> Identifying and understanding ‘ancient theology’, I think, is what will make
> people fall away from the faith (that is good or bad depending on your
> religious beliefs).
> By ancient theology do you mean ancient pagan beliefs? (and they must be
non-Christian because how else could they cause people to fall away from
Christian beliefs?).

Stephen M Barr points out in his book on ancient faith and modern physics
that Christianity invented science to repudiate the pagan beliefs of the

So I am confused here. You said it was evolution that affected your
worldview. But now you are enamoured with ancient beliefs that challenge
Christianity. And these ancient beliefs are going to cause Christianity to
fall apart? I am left wondering what next? Ancient aliens that visited earth
and left large freeway sized markings in Peru? Pyramid power? Good luck in
that challenge to Christianity thing you want to do, but I don't think the
ASA list is a very fruitful place to do it. Ian Strachan 's instincts
seem pretty accurate on this one.

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