Re: [asa] Nothing_in_Biology_Makes_Sense_Except_in_the_Light_of_Evolution

From: Cameron Wybrow <>
Date: Thu Aug 13 2009 - 16:46:23 EDT

David C.:

Any Christian who isn't *also* a mystic is simply a Deist who has some peculiar historical beliefs about Jesus. (Tee hee.)


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  I thought afterward that it may look like I was jumping to a conclusion. I did not mean to do that. Thats why I posed the statement with a "seem to be endorsing". It isn't a given that that is what you were really saying. But its a strong possibility? Is that fair? Others saying similar things might indeed be embracing atheism?

  My real thought was that it is the responsibility of the theists to give you a reason why atheism isn't the right choice here. And....can you see why the Ken Ham's of the world
  take a dim view of the more liberal Christian worldviews? They see that slippery slope that Ted wrote about in his article (it shows up on my facebook page I think).

  I don't think your problem is evolution. Its more complicated. Its perhaps grokking the role of naturalism? Is that fair? But evolution will get the blame because of the way you stated your worldview changing experience. That is probably unfortunate.

  So, to put my humor hat on, being a Christian Agnostic is sometimes almost as bad as being a Christian Mystic tee hee


    David C. said:
    “Atheism, the worldview you seem to be endorsing Bernie…”

    I’m a Christian agnostic … still sorting things out…


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