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Date: Mon Aug 10 2009 - 16:42:26 EDT

  It is true I could have been more explicit. Common usage considers "origin
of species" to be in the vein of Darwin's closing sentence with the
development from a few forms or one. The term "origin of life" is
distinguished as that pertaining to the development of those first few
forms, or one. Hence, the term "origin of species" is assumed to pertain to
evolution after the origin of life.
  Thanks for the opportunity to clarify.


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> Please excuse that this topic has been raised already many times on this
> list. I thought it was resolved already and a consensus formed. But Randy
> writes to Olasky in a way that suggests the issue is not resolved. So now
> I'd like to ask Randy to clarify.
> Randy wrote:
> "Yes, as Christians we all believe that our Creator is an intelligent
> designer and we believe that the awesome world around us declares the
> existence of this intelligent designer. But ID generally refers to the
> belief that a) evolution is not an adequate scientific explanation of the
> origin of species"
> If I am reading correctly, Randy is suggesting (in the last sentence) that
> 'evolution'(ary theory) *is* "an adequate scientific explanatin of the
> origin of species." But people on this list have pointed out time and
> again and again that evolution is *not* adequate because it is *not* about
> the 'origin' of species - in other words, there must first be a species
> before it can be said to 'evolve'. Evolution is a theory about processes
> of organic change and *not* (despite Darwin's famous title) about
> where/when/how 'the origin(s)' happened. In other words, evolution is not
> first cause-oriented and there is inevitably something that comes before
> (or along with) evolution.
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