RE: [asa] Youth leaving churches because of old earth

From: James Patterson <>
Date: Sat Aug 08 2009 - 22:39:39 EDT

It seems to me that this baby/bathwater problem is even more serious right
now because of a seemingly growing inclination among many of the young to
instantly turn off the voice of (respect for) anyone who self-compromises
their message by uttering something that immediately registers as untrue, is
accompanied by an unwelcome (to the hearer) agenda, or fails to connect
however tenuously with the questions floating around in the hearer's
recently discovered and dynamically growing internal worldview.


Jim, agreed.


One thing my wife has mentioned several times, with which I agree, and that
gets back to the "are they really a Christian if they leave the Church"
issue. Many of these young adults go and taste the world, and find it
distasteful. It does not sit well with what is written on their hearts. They
gain perspective, insight, learn to see that man and the Church are not
perfect. Some also learn in time that, despite its problems, the Church is
(vastly) better in an imperfect form than no Church at all.


I know that's what happened with me.


Despite all our debate about how God did it, we agree that God created us.
We really should be able to figure out a way to provide to young people
convincing evidence that - despite the fact that we can't agree on HOW - he
DID create us. The problem is that they (the "average" college student) need
evidence.and we have (at least) three different datasets.


James Patterson



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