RE: [asa] Youth leaving churches because of old earth

From: Bill Powers <>
Date: Fri Aug 07 2009 - 14:43:32 EDT


In the case of the E Free church we attended, I intended it to be a de
facto position. People weren't denied membership who held different
views, but they were surely in the great miniority.


On Fri, 7 Aug 2009,
gordon brown wrote:

> On Fri, 7 Aug 2009, Bill Powers wrote:
>> I have been a member of two churches that were either officially or de
>> facto YEC churches, and yet the issue hardly ever came up. In the LCMS, at
>> least conservative LCMS, the church is doctrinally YEC, and yet the issue
>> never comes up. It is simply quietly presumed, and, as I said in a
>> previous post, there are much larger fish to fry. The other church was a E
>> Free church. Many members were individually much concerned with apologetics
>> related to YEC and evolution issues, but in the church per se the issue
>> hardly ever arose, again, for the same reasons given above.
> Bill,
> It isn't clear to me whether you are saying that you have been a member of
> two denominations or two congregations that are officially or de facto YEC.
> One of those you mentioned was the E. Free Church. I have been a member of
> the Evangelical Free Church (two different congregations) for over 42 years.
> Although I assume that many of the members are YEC, I know that many are not.
> (Both congregations are in university towns.) There is nothing about the age
> of the earth in the denomination's statement of faith. Furthermore I have
> heard that all the OT professors in the Free Church's seminary (Trinity
> Evangelical Divinity School) are old earth (but probably not TE). Walter
> Kaiser and Gleason Archer, who taught there a number of years ago, publicly
> defended the view that the earth is old.
> Gordon Brown (ASA member)
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