Re: [asa] Youth leaving churches because of old earth

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Thu Aug 06 2009 - 13:43:26 EDT

To the best of my knowledge, David, there are no denominations in which the YE view is officially required in order to be a pastor (for example) or an officer in a congregation, except (I think) Seventh-day Adventism. However, Adventists allow acceptance of an older (not "old" as usually understood) universe and solar system, as long as the biosphere is recent.

In many independent fundamentalists churches, and in some conservative denominations, the YE view is very widely promoted, close to the point of an orthodoxy in practice if not in theory. Missouri Synod Lutherans, Grace Brethren, and some Baptist groups are in this category (esp the GARB denomination). The PCA defeated an attempt a few years ago to require a YE view of pastors and ruling elders; there were also undercurrents about geocentrism at that time, but it never had the kind of support the YE view has. Individual congregations in some denominations, including Mennonites, will sometimes hold a YE position as semi-official.

If this information is not accurate in any respect, I invite correction.


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