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From: George Murphy <>
Date: Sun Aug 02 2009 - 17:27:38 EDT

Yes, this is a difference between biological evolution & cosmology. There
are lots of contingencies that can destroy data that would have been of
interest for evolutionary biology & such things tend to be more systematic
for cosmology.


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> As well as the difference in quantifiability it seems to me that their is
> a big difference in how relatively easy it is to collect data. If one is
> studying local gravity it is quite feasible to travel to the equator, high
> mountains, the poles... and measure whatever factors one wants.
> Admittedly with high energy physics it is getting more and more difficult
> to construct the required instruments (accelerators) to obtain the data
> and in the long term this field may have to content themselves with
> results that are less and less demonstratable. In order to obtain the
> data that Cameron and I demand to demonstrate evolution of complex
> features one has chance operating in:
> a) the conditions that allow the original preservation of biological
> material.
> b) the selection of exactly where to look for biological material
> c) exactly how much erosion has occurred to unearth the material
> In the finding of Lucy their was a lot of luck involved in looking at
> exactly the right place in the Afar region. Sure clever people may figure
> out the kinds of places to look in but the world is still a big place.
> Dave W

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