RE: [asa] Cameron- question of Adam - cosmic ref frames

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Tue Jun 30 2009 - 10:57:23 EDT

I made a number of comments on modern geocentrism on the list a few years ago, which ought to turn up by searching the archives.

Also, this past winter I had an essay published about modern geocentrism, vis-a-vis other types of creationism, focusing on how both groups view the principle of accommodation (the idea that the Holy Spirit, as the author of Scripture, employed the conceptual and verbal vocabulary of the ordinary person), esp as it was used by John Calvin and Galileo Galilei. The essay, called “Galileo and the Garden of Eden: Historical Reflections on Creationist Hermeneutics,” is found in Unfortunately it's a very expensive set, but I could send a pdf to interested individuals for private use.


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