Re: [asa] science playground parable

From: David Clounch <>
Date: Mon Jun 29 2009 - 12:05:02 EDT

But Merv, unlike Rodney LeVake (in Faribault, Minnesota) you haven't yet
been fired from your job as a high school biology teacher because someone is
afraid and offended that you might be praying when you get behind that

There are civil rights issues here that aren't solved by a cordial tipping
of the hat to the MN buddies on the edge. Its not a matter of intolerance
by atheists. Its a matter of intolerance by religionists. The people who
found (in their opinion) that Rodney LeVake goes to the wrong church are
fine upstanding church going people who think they are doing the right thing
by making government policy that chooses one set of Christianized beliefs
over another set of beliefs. As Cornelius Hunter wrote, atheists are just a
side show.

> Or this crossed my mind as another comparison that may help illustrate: We
> pray for safety as we prepare to drive places. But we still keep our hands
> on the wheel, eyes open, and attend to our driving affairs the same as
> anybody else who may or may not be religious. I guess you could call us MN
> drivers who see no conflict between praying for safety while working to
> secure it as best we can just the same as anybody else, seeing no conflict
> between our work and our prayers. Nobody charges us with: "Hey, you're
> really an atheist since you are driving as if God alone can't keep you on
> the road. --What's the matter? Don't you trust Him?"
> --Merv
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