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Hi John:
Langan is an ID theorist. He had a paper titled "Cheating the Millenium:
The Mounting Explanatory Debts of Scientific Naturalism" published in
Uncommon Descent (W. A. Dembski, ed.), ISI Books, 2004. The biographical
note in that book reads:
Christopher Michael Langan is an independent researcher and reality
theorist whose extraordinary intellect has not prevented him from living a
rough, unsheltered and exciting life. Challenged from early childhood with
extreme poverty, inadequate schooling, and the responsibility of caring
for his younger siblings, he learned young to value brawn as highly as
brains. After working as a cowboy, firefighter, construction worker, and
bar bouncer in various nightclubs across the East End of Long Island, he
came to the attention of the media in 1999 for combining one of the
world's highest IQs with a bare knuckle lifestyle and a lack of formal
higher education. Having conducted original investigations in fields
including mathematics, physics,cosmology, and the cognitive sciences over
more than two decades, Langan has contributed articles on these and other
topics in a number of alternative intellectual periodicals and has
authored a collection of philosophical essays, The Art of Knowing. A
Fellow of the International Society for Complexity, Information and
Design, he recently published an intriguing account of his groundbreaking
theory of reality, the Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe, in its
journal Progress in Complexity, Information, and Design. He is the
co-founder and president of a nonprofit organization, the Mega Foundation,
established to offer aid, support and cameraderie to the "severely
gifted", a small and often-neglected population with whose plight he is
intimately aquainted.

Don N.

> Anyone ever heard of this guy? See the interesting quote below from him.
> John
>  He has been quoted as saying that "you cannot describe the universe
> completely with any accuracy unless you're willing to admit that it's both
> physical and mental in nature"[11] and that his CTMU "explains the
> connection between mind and reality, therefore the presence of cognition
> and universe in the same phrase".[14] He calls his proposal "a true
> 'Theory of Everything,' a cross between John Archibald Wheeler's
> 'Participatory Universe' and Stephen Hawking's 'Imaginary Time' theory of
> cosmology."[9] In conjunction with his ideas, Langan has claimed that "you
> can prove the existence of God, the souland an afterlife, using
> mathematics."[7]

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