Re: [asa] The term Darwinism

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Sun Jun 28 2009 - 18:58:27 EDT


As I was sitting on the frond deck, looking at Lake Ontario, I was
reading and browsing in Dembski's book "No Free Lunch". Again I became
aware of how much ID proponents talk about Darwin, Darwinism or
Darwinian Evolution. In my own thought, when I think of people like
Dawkins or Coyne, I tend much more to refer to them as naturalistic
evolutionists. Darwin just does not loom very large in my thoughts,
sure he was important and originated or at least popularized variation
and natural selection as the mechanism of evolution. Somehow it seems
to me that ID's real target should be naturalism rather then evolution.

There has been a call for TE/ECs to admit Darwin's errors. My answer is
who cares. All scientists make mistakes that are corrected by later
scientists, that's the nature of science, at least in the physical
sciences, although the social sciences may differ but I hope not.

Dave W

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