RE: [asa] Lawrence Krauss Defends New Atheism

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The virgin birth is peanuts compared with the notion of a Creator God. I never quite understood why that issue is ever brought up. The virgin birth must be something to be doubted only by atheists.
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Re Miller: agreed. Not that I am claiming that Christianity is unthinkable without a literal virgin birth, but the virgin birth is (I believe) still a core Catholic doctrine. So if (as is reported) Miller would not defend it, what happened to Miller's claim to be "100% Darwinian and 100% Catholic"? I guess that one of those "hundred per cents" was a rhetorical exaggeration. But then, I suppose that we should not expect theological clarity from a Catholic who claims to believe in Darwin's God, when Darwin was an agnostic.


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Two immediate observations:

1. It is very disappointing to see Miller back away from the virgin birth of Christ. Given his position and status, this will feed into the perception that once Christians accept evolution, it's a slippery slope that leads to rejection of a literal virgin birth and resurrection of Christ.

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