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From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri Jun 26 2009 - 10:24:30 EDT

>>> "Cameron Wybrow" <> 6/25/2009 6:39 PM >>> asks:

By the way, speaking of Catholics, are there any statistics regarding the
percentage of ASA members who are Catholic? And are any of the regular
contributors to this list Catholic?


Ted replies:


ASA keeps no statistics concerning specific religious affiliations of our
members. We don't ask, they don't say, and we don't know.

Informally, as someone involved with ASA for 30+ years, I can tell you that
very few, if any, of our members are Roman Catholics -- or Eastern Orthodox
believers, for that matter. We were founded by conservative Protestants in
1941 with a faith statement that reflected that. It's changed subsequently
-- presently, for example, our faith statement is simply the Apostles' and
Nicene Creeds, so a RC or EO person ought to be able to join without
hesitation on those grounds. But, culturally, we're still overwhelmingly
Protestant in membership and attitude. As current ASA president, I'd love
for us to be more attractive to other Christians in scientific fields. We
badly need a broader membership base, and we have much to offer people from
all Christian bodies. Interestingly, we do publish articles by Catholic and
Orthodox scholars on a fairly regular, if not frequent, basis. However, in
at least some cases those articles ended up in PSCF b/c a consulting editor
asked the author to send it to us for consideration.

I'll set down a minimal list (i.e., I am sure about these cases, there are
probably others) of RC or EO authors who have published in PSCF since 2000:

March 2000 Edward Dodson
Sept 2005 Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti
Dec 2005 Kenneth Hendrickson
Mar 2007 Luke Timothy Johnson

As I say, there may be more, and I do not include authors of book reviews


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