RE: [asa] The term Darwinism

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Thu Jun 25 2009 - 16:37:35 EDT


I'm not prepared to endorse your point that physics entirely lacks
equivalent terminology to "Darwinism" or Mendelism," not without further
reflection. You might be right -- I can't think of any right off -- I
simply hesitate to make such a blanket claim so quickly.

What physics does have, of course, and has in spades, is examles of
"theories," "laws," "equations," "principles," and such bearing the name of
the discoverer. I needn't offer even one example, since they are so obvious
to anyone who has ever studied it even in high school. I grant that this
useage seems different from "Darwinism" or "Mendelism."

Psychology has "Skinnerism," Freudianism," and probably some others that are
not coming to mind right now.

The closest example I can think of, in physics, is "Newtonianism," which is
not quite "Newtonism" but close enough for me to suggest it to you. Of
course, Newton was not a "Newtonian" himself, in the sense usually meant,
but that's a long story.


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