Re: [asa] Exaptation

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Wed Jun 24 2009 - 13:22:46 EDT

> Or at the very least, to the fact that proteins are an amazing design
> material. ;)

In particular, there is a lot of flexibility of usage. On the one
hand, very different proteins can do essentially the same thing; on
the other hand, a slight change can significantly modify function.
Another twist on things is that organisms use the same basic
components for everything, so it's not that surprising that a protein
that interacts with one component can have more than one function.

Words and letters are similar in properties. In both cases, there are
usually multiple ways to produce the same result. Conversely, minor
changes can have a big effect on function. A not-so-good version may
still be functional (e.g., text messages).

Exaptation, and evolution more generally, tends to have a more
jury-rigged look to it than would be ideal for ID-type inferences.
I.e., whatever was handy was put to use. Of course, this does not
rule out lower-case design, especially if the designer favored using
natural laws, but it does not fit with the attempt to claim scientific
proof of ID.

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