[asa] bigger history picture of science-faith issue

From: <mrb22667@kansas.net>
Date: Tue Jun 23 2009 - 14:26:16 EDT

It occurred to me that many of the positions represented in our culture could
be seen as fitting in four broad categories of a pendulum swing. On the two
opposite extremes of the swing we have the positions of "religious faith is
shown to be irrational" vs. the "atheism is shown to be irrational". The two
middle components are the less strong claims of "religious faith is at least
not irrational" and its counterpart "atheism is at least not irrational". Most
on this list these days would probably subscribe to the weaker religious claim.

If anybody was interested in the answer to the juvenile retort: "well, they
STARTED it"; I wonder who the initial guilty party is on this pendulum.
Methinks we religious folks started it all with the stronger religious claim,
and then the atheists a couple centuries ago decided they wanted to play too
and together with the indignant religious crowd keep our pendulous fun going.

One assymetry in the whole setup, however, is that we, on the weak religious
claim side aggressively deny the strong atheist (and to some extent some of the
strong theist)claims whereas the "weaker atheist" side shows no impetus to
attack anybody and unsurprisingly would be the most apathetic player in these
issues. And they are probably also the least targeted by either extreme.
Whadyall think?


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