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I see where you're coming from. One thing to keep in mind is that objections to
the GOTG arguments are themselves reactionary. But most thoughtful objections
will be worded something like this: God does not operate *only* in the gaps.
 It is important to note that the dissenters to GOTG usually are not denying
that God operates in the unknown; but their emphasis instead is typically that
God IS operating in the apparently known. They/we just want to put a nail in
the coffin of the thought that God is restricted to those unknown places --hence
the importance of the word "only" in the above statement. At least that's my
two cents.

Hope you kick the flu and get good rest, meanwhile.


Quoting IW <>:

> Switching gears a bit but I am always puzzled by the attack on the God
> of the Gaps argument. Let me explain myself. I am not a God of the Gaps
> Proponent - at least, not as I have been taught it. I understand the
> reluctance of scientists to have as a theory or argument, a line of
> reasoning that says, "well, I cannot see how X happened so God stepped
> in right there"
> BUT, is there not a hint of hypocrisy in those who reject it outright?
> The very belief in a Creator God implies that "Well, how did the
> singularity preceding the Big Bang come about? God did it!" We all, on
> some level, accept God's interference in creation.
> As a believer who is convinced that God is constantly intimate with
> God's creation I see no conflict with God "tweaking" along the way. This
> is not because I cannot come up with the scientific explanation of X
> (which is why I am not a proponent of God of the Gaps) but because it
> speaks of a greater theological truth. I do not believe God tweaks
> because I cannot find the rational-lab supported and verified
> explanation - I believe it because Jesus says he and his Father's work
> is never finished. That God, by enacting miracles or providing for all
> of us all the time, oft times seemingly miraculously, is active all the
> time. I find the whole aspect of evolution a miracle - a sign of a
> creative and awesome God active at all times.
> Granted I am not nearly as learned as the rest of you - either
> theologically or scientifically, but these are just some flu inspired
> thoughts,
> IW

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