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Dehler, Bernie wrote:

> I would guess it is the same "God of the gaps" argument (expanded
> with more detail of the awe and wonder of creation). It boils down
> to "We can't figure it out (or how evolution could do this),
> therefore God did a special intervention." But yes- I'm interested
> in what he has to say, and will be interested in what others have to
> say about it.

Switching gears a bit but I am always puzzled by the attack on the God
of the Gaps argument. Let me explain myself. I am not a God of the Gaps
Proponent - at least, not as I have been taught it. I understand the
reluctance of scientists to have as a theory or argument, a line of
reasoning that says, "well, I cannot see how X happened so God stepped
in right there"

BUT, is there not a hint of hypocrisy in those who reject it outright?
The very belief in a Creator God implies that "Well, how did the
singularity preceding the Big Bang come about? God did it!" We all, on
some level, accept God's interference in creation.

As a believer who is convinced that God is constantly intimate with
God's creation I see no conflict with God "tweaking" along the way. This
is not because I cannot come up with the scientific explanation of X
(which is why I am not a proponent of God of the Gaps) but because it
speaks of a greater theological truth. I do not believe God tweaks
because I cannot find the rational-lab supported and verified
explanation - I believe it because Jesus says he and his Father's work
is never finished. That God, by enacting miracles or providing for all
of us all the time, oft times seemingly miraculously, is active all the
time. I find the whole aspect of evolution a miracle - a sign of a
creative and awesome God active at all times.

Granted I am not nearly as learned as the rest of you - either
theologically or scientifically, but these are just some flu inspired


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