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From: Schwarzwald <>
Date: Sat Jun 20 2009 - 20:04:20 EDT

It may not be news to anyone on this list, but CS Lewis' poem on evolution
stood out to me. Mind you, this was way, way back before I had even heard
about evolution controversies (outside of, perhaps, vague inklings of the
YEC position - it never came up in my house or schooling). But it stuck with
me for some reason, and is now a favorite of mine. (I just found out the
original version included a line which strongly implied a criticism of

It strikes me as a pretty interesting take on an unguided, atheistic
evolutionary viewpoint.

Lead us, Evolution, lead us
Up the future’s endless stair:
Chop us, change us, prod us, weed us.
For stagnation is despair:
Groping, guessing, yet progressing,
Lead us nobody knows where.

Wrong or justice in the present,
Joy or sorrow, what are they
While there’s always jam to-morrow,
While we tread the onward way?
Never knowing where we’re going,
We can never go astray.

To whatever variation
Our posterity may turn
Hairy, squashy, or crustacean,
Bulbous-eyed or square of stern,
Tusked or toothless, mild or ruthless,
Towards that unknown god we yearn.

Ask not if it’s god or devil,
Brethren, lest your words imply
Static norms of good and evil
(As in Plato) throned on high;
Such scholastic, inelastic,
Abstract yardsticks we deny.

Far too long have sages vainly
Glossed great Nature’s simple text;
He who runs can read it plainly,
Goodness==what comes next.
By evolving, Life is solving
All the questions we perplexed.

On then! Value means survival–
Value. If our progeny
Spreads and spawns and licks each rival,
That will prove its deity
(Far from pleasant, by our present
Standards, though it well may be).

On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 6:14 PM, Gregory Arago <>wrote:

> Don,t blame him, the hymner, or her. It just ,evolved, that way. Didn,t you
> know? ,Nature, selected it...and so it is, end of story! The environment
> prevails, even in poetry! Harmony and rhyme are discardables in the
> ,evolutionary hymnals,. And even Michael Roberts becomes a non-Darwinian as
> far as he endorses ,planned and guided,.
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> Subject: Re: [asa] An evolutionary hymn
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> Took us/Fluke, us?
> That has to be one of the most appalling rhymes I've ever seen!
> Iain
> On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 9:44 PM, Michael Roberts <
> > wrote:
>> Pinched from a forum, sung to the tune of the Day thou gavest;
>> *Fortissimo et majestoso. Vox Simiana.
>> *The Age Thou gavest, Lord, has ended -
>> Our sapience grew at Thy behest.
>> We've reached the goal that Thou intended,
>> Because our DNA's the best.
>> Thy call required that we disbanded
>> Our frolics in the primal sea.
>> And when upon the beach we landed
>> We raised our fins in praise to Thee.
>> Poor in this world, yet still Thou took us
>> (Didst not disdain our single cell)
>> Though unexpected, we're no fluke, us,
>> Planned and guided (can't you tell?).
>> Come Lucy, Ida, Piltdown chorus!
>> Blessed be the genes that let you praise!
>> We precious primates, He'll adore us,
>> Through earth's eternal remade days.
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