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"...has been some variation of "science lies"

Then ask them for examples of that. It is the chance for education.

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I agree with you about scientific ignorance, but my experience in going that route (with Bible college graduates and YECs holding degrees in disciplines like political science and history) has been some variation of "science lies" or "You can't put science ahead of the Bible" or getting into fruitless discussions of "What is science?" and ending up in a stalemate. I'm trying to find a way to not repeat that process.

Paul Bruggink

On Jun 18, 2009 2:32pm, "Dehler, Bernie" <> wrote:
> " YEC bills conventional science as a vast left wing conspiracy, so

> invoking science in itself is not necessarily productive."
> They still greatly believe in science- called "Creation Science."
> I think science education is a great place to start. I think one major root of the problem really is scientific ignorance.
> ...Bernie

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