Re: [asa] Good questions to ask YECs

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Thu Jun 18 2009 - 14:24:08 EDT

YEC bills conventional science as a vast left wing conspiracy, so
invoking science in itself is not necessarily productive.

Careful consideration of exegesis is probably a better place to start.
 This includes not only what Genesis 1-2 means, but also whether "you
shall not bear false witness", "work as unto the Lord", etc. apply to
doing science. Popular YEC is full of blatant errors that are
irrelevant to the age of the earth, so the track of "ICR, AiG, etc.
are doing a terrible job of arguing for a young earth" may be
fruitful. Many claims are quite careless theologically as well.
E.g., the ICR slogan that the doctrine of creation is essential to
evangelism clashes with the gospel (see Galatians). Ken Hamm saying
that evolution is the enemy implies that Jesus screwed up in focusing
on our sin instead.

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