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A comment on the last sentence here. The fact that Darwin barely touched on any connection between his theory & humanity in The Origin shows that "favored races" in its subtitle could hardly be focused on a distinction of human "races." & while we do refer (problematically) to different "races" among H. sapiens, we also refer to the whole species as "the human race". Michael R., Ted D. or someone else familiar with the history may be able to elucidate the ways in which "race" & its relationship with "species" were used in Darwin's time.

Which would be interesting but of course wouldn't keep people from trying to prove that evolution is "racist" if that's what they want to believe.


---- Paul Bruggink <> wrote:
> I'm not familiar with Mike Snavely's ministry, but here's Jeff
> Riddle's (Pastor of Jefferson Park Baptist Church in Charlottesville,
> Virginia) summary of the presentation on his blog "Stylos" on June 12:
> "In the afternoon I went to Mike Snavely’s talk titled "Aunt Lucy?" He
> offered a critique of the evolutionary "ascent of man" conception,
> arguing that the dating of supposed links is presumptive and that all
> the figures on the chart are either apes or men. He also described
> various finds like the "Piltdown Man" that have later been determined
> to be hoaxes. Snavely also noted the racist origins of evolution and
> the original subtitle of Darwin’s Origin of Species which featured the
> phrase "the preservation of favored races."

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