Re: [asa] Snavely "Aunt Lucy" lecture

From: Paul Bruggink <>
Date: Tue Jun 16 2009 - 09:30:52 EDT

I'm not familiar with Mike Snavely's ministry, but here's Jeff
Riddle's (Pastor of Jefferson Park Baptist Church in Charlottesville,
Virginia) summary of the presentation on his blog "Stylos" on June 12:

"In the afternoon I went to Mike Snavely’s talk titled "Aunt Lucy?" He
offered a critique of the evolutionary "ascent of man" conception,
arguing that the dating of supposed links is presumptive and that all
the figures on the chart are either apes or men. He also described
various finds like the "Piltdown Man" that have later been determined
to be hoaxes. Snavely also noted the racist origins of evolution and
the original subtitle of Darwin’s Origin of Species which featured the
phrase "the preservation of favored races."

The talk itself is available as an MP3 for $3.50 from "Best Christian
Conferences." Mike Snavely peddles textbooks to home schoolers at
Lamp Post Homeschool Store.

This is an example of what the ASA is up against. Too many pastors
accept presentations of this nature uncritically and seldom or never
hear the other side. Another example would be John MacArthur's
opening speech at the 2009 Shepherd's conference, in which he is
reported by Lawrence Ford of the ICR ( to
have "told nearly 3,200 church leaders that no self-respecting
pastor, evangelical, or Christian should attempt to deny that God
created the heavens and earth in six literal days. Those who have
difficulty believing the historical account of Genesis, he warned,
will have much more difficulty trusting the rest of the Bible and its
accounts of the virgin birth, Christ's atonement for our sins, and the
resurrection of the dead, all miracles that cannot - that must not -
be subjected to the reasoning of finite men."

On a more positive note, the YEC-believing lead pastor of the Baptist
church that my wife and I attend (my personal mission field)
acknowledged from the pulpit last Sunday in a sermon on the basic
doctrines about God that there are Christians who believe that the
earth is old, as well as Christians who believe that it is young. This
is a breakthrough. He mentioned to my wife after the service that he
is aware that there are a number of Christians in his congregation who
believe in an old earth. Evolution, of course, is a whole different
ball game.

Paul Bruggink

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> My pastor recently attended the Home Educators Association of Virginia
> conference and briefly described a presentation called "Aunt Lucy?" by Mike
> Snavely? Is anyone on the list familiar with this ministry?
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