Re: [asa] Interview with Denis Lamoureux (TE definitions)

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Thu Jun 11 2009 - 20:12:03 EDT

Dehler, Bernie wrote:
> The grey zone (TE) has lots of variants. It is so easy to be an extremist- YEC or Atheist, because everything is so clear and well defined. Too bad it is over-simplistic. The Black & Whiters (YEC's and atheists) have an easier time explaining their position and getting coverts than all the people with views in the middle (TE). Those in the middle argue with each other as well as argue with the extremists.

Yes, absolutely agree.

What frustrates me is that certain stream of thinker who invokes evolutionary theory to support their metaphysical naturalism whilst denying the broad grey zone of TE options. So they end up arguing that somebody like Behe (for instance) is a "creationist" because he questions the power of random mutation. But he specifically affirms common origin and natural selection so that makes him an evolutionist of sorts.

As I see it, metaphysical naturalists won't allow that sort of selective affirmation by theists. They do allow themselves to question whether random mutation is the whole story, of course, but I think that's because they don't see their reservations bringing metaphysical naturalism into question. Personally I think it's because they have a very obvious axe to grind, and allowing any sort of "breadth" to the TE position would be an implicit admission that their metaphysical naturalism is not the only explanatory game in town.

You can be "one of us" (an evolutionist who leaves theism out of it) or "one of them" (a theist who leaves science out of it), you certainly can't stand in the middle.

Note that I'm not saying every person processes the debate this way - nor even that most do so. I'm certainly not saying I see it on this list. I refer simply to a certain group who seems to me to have a strong vested interest in preventing any nuanced exploration of the relation between Christian theology and evolutionary theory for fear it might expose the weakness in their own metaphysical assumptions.

Blessings as always,

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