RE: [asa] Interview with Denis Lamoureux (TE definitions)

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Date: Wed Jun 10 2009 - 21:49:52 EDT

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> How about this:
> "Theistic Evolution is the claim that God personally directs some aspects of
> evolutionary development in the world or that God has planned/designed all of
> life to unfold naturally (without His interference) starting from the
> big-bang."
> ...Bernie

If we are to acquiesce to the already problematic challenge of defining TE as a
monolithic belief set, then I would at least not include in its definition that
it overlays claims or disclaimers about God’s activity onto or into its science
practice. Rather, the TE practices science as any other scientist of any faith
or anti-faith tradition would, but also sees it within a larger theological
context that is informed by other sources of sacred revelation. This is the ‘T’
part that cannot have its footing anywhere in the ‘E’ part or indeed anywhere in
science at all. Science can be baptized in the head of a believer, which is to
finally see it, like everything else, in its proper creation context. But
science will never be in the role of ‘baptizer’ that forcefully ushers in
recalcitrant skeptics.

And certainly, most TEs I know would probably not be comfortable referring to
God’s involvement as selective tweaking or as ‘interference’ (though they may
not rule those out either.) Simply put, I don’t think they feel a need to give
religious sounding answers to the question of ‘how does / did God guide
creation?’ As far as they are concerned, science is already studying the
‘how’, and has uncovered impressively much and still has vast horizons yet to
explore. So when the strong IDist comes along and demands of a TE: “where is
God in your science”, the TE just shrugs and says, He is everywhere. It may be
an apologetically useless answer, but if it’s accurate, what else should it be?


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