Re: [asa] Origins of Life

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Date: Sat Jun 06 2009 - 08:18:54 EDT

Quoting Nucacids <>:

> Now you can see how all this might get a bit delicate given the current
> debate about intelligent design. Hazen knows that by exposing the backstage
> bickering on the origin of life, he may give ammunition to the critics of the
> scientific community: "Anything I say that shows any uncertainty or doubt,
> they will use as evidence that scientists are baffled.""

"Being baffled" is and has always been a baseline for normal science process.
If nobody was ever baffled at least temporarily, nobody would be on the cutting
edge of science. Science is a process of starting with "bafflement" and trying
to de-baffle yourselves. And any success with that will only bring you to the
next stage of bafflement with the new questions that surface. And so the cycle
must go if science is to continue. If that cycle ever stops, science has stopped.


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