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From: David Campbell <>
Date: Thu Jun 04 2009 - 19:45:28 EDT

> So for those of you who are "front-loaders" I have a question. How is
> front-loading different from deism?

It can be different in the same way that accepting God's providence in
ordinary events differs from deism. I.e., one can assume that God
largely/entirely set up things to work out as they did on the physical
level by designing the natural laws, arrangement of matter, etc., yet
is constantly and actuvely involved in guiding and sustaining
everything. This then raises the question of whether there could be
hidden laws in things that appear random, etc.

Of course, someone accusing TE of being inherently deistic-looking
while being happy with front-loading is inconsistent, for both will
have little in the way of scientifically detectable differences. The
underlying error is assuming that Christian science ought to look
different from atheistic science when the atheists are making
assumptions about science that are compatible with Christianity.

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