[asa] Interview with Denis Lamoureux

From: Douglas Hayworth <becomingcreation@gmail.com>
Date: Tue Jun 02 2009 - 21:05:53 EDT

Hi Everyone,

If you're interested in Denis Lamoureux's views and his book
Evolutionary Creation, you may be interested in reading an interview
that I did with him for my blog Becoming Creation
(http://becomingcreation.org). I invite you to leave comments and
questions (no long rants, please).

I don't join the conversations very often here on the ASA list -- I'm
always amazed at how much some of you are able to write! You're all
either very fast keyboarders or you've got a lot more time on your
hands than I do -- but I do lurk and follow most threads. I'm
especially interested in the discussions about education, especially
those relating to homeschooling. I mention this because I plan on
devoting most of my blogging efforts in the coming months to
developing content (short essays, etc.) for homeschooling students and
parents. If you are interested in that topic, please add Becoming
Creation to your RSS-feed and comment to provide corrections or
suggestions for improvement.

Doug Hayworth
ASA member
Rockford, IL

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