Re: [asa] Interesting news on the Discovery Institute (vs. Francis Collins?)

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Tue Jun 02 2009 - 14:33:27 EDT

Wells' response is weak. The genetic evidence for common descent, as
Collins knows much better than Wells, is very, very strong. Mike Behe says
the same thing in his second book. It's this type of pointed argument
against common descent -- against "evolution", not "Darwinism," (to use the
terms we've been using in our other threads), is precisely why I find it
hard to believe Cameron's claims about ID not being opposed to "evolution,"
i.e., ID not being opposed to common descent.

Yes, I know that "officially" ID is OK with common descent. If so, then
why is TDI giving this type of space (Wells' piece isn't the only one) to
battling Collins' efforts to promote a view of evolution that is
theologically far more traditional than the standard TE for most of the 20th
century--the type of TE that effectively denied divine transcendence, the
incarnation, and resurrection?

Either TDI thinks that ID *is* opposed to common descent, or it doesn't.
Judging from this, it does.


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