Re: [asa] Interesting news on the Discovery Institute (vs. Francis Collins?)

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Date: Tue Jun 02 2009 - 10:43:53 EDT

That web site is at

I don't yet know how to properly assess it.

In the home page it has this text:

Is Francis Collins Right about Evolution?
By Jonathan Wells

Francis Collins feels that intelligent design poses a serious problem
to Christian belief because it rejects Darwinian evolution, which he
feels is supported by overwhelming evidence. But the only evidence
Collins cites for Darwin’s mechanism of variation and selection is
microevolution—minor changes within existing species. And the
principal evidence he cites for Darwin’s claim of common ancestry is
DNA sequences that he says have no function—though genome researchers
are discovering that many of them do have functions.

Collins’s defense of Darwinian theory turns out to be largely an
argument from ignorance that must retreat as we learn more about the
genome—in effect, a Darwin of the gaps.

On 6/1/09, Dehler, Bernie <> wrote:
> FYI: From my news alerts at Yahoo:
> Because Francis Collins Is Sooo
> Frightening<**http%3A/>
> GenomeWeb News Mon, 01 Jun 2009 10:47 AM PDT
> The New Scientist's Amanda Gefter says that the Discovery Institute has
> "given up the game and acknowledged that their concerns are religious after
> all" and that the shift is due not to Richard Dawkins, but to Francis
> Collins<>.
> The Discovery Institute recently launched a website called Faith and
> Evolution that says that one cannot be a Christian and accept evolution --
> Gefter suspects the site is in response to Collins' BioLogos Foundation,
> which promotes theistic evolution. "The Discovery Institute has now made it
> crystal clear that they have no interest in reconciling science and religion
> - instead, they want their brand of religion to replace science," Gefter
> adds.

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