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I was listening to this discussion with Richard Dawkins. It was interesting to see him get an audience question about religion and the moderator disallowed it:


Time: 45:40

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> Just to clarify my view here, I think that both quantum theory AND chaos theory have to be considered in this connection.  They are not unrelated, though precisely how they should be put together is unclear.<

Not to mention all the other things that are not amenable to precise
human prediction without exactly fitting the mathematical definitions
of chaos or falling under quantum physics.

Interpretation of God's action in such cases will relate to one's
position on the predestination-free will continuum as well. More
emphasis on predestination would generally tend to favor a
"front-loaded" design view, whereas a more Arminian take would tend
towards favoring the idea of God adjusting things as needed. The
correlation is not rigid-God could decide in advance to tweak things
at a given point in a given way, or He could set up a largely
front-loaded system that still allows for some range of options, for
example, but it does illustrate the fact that very much of the stuff
brought up in discussions on ID or evolution already have a long
history of discussion under other theological headings.

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