Re: [asa] science education

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Sun May 31 2009 - 20:11:23 EDT

Cameron said, "Right now, there is no science program at any university
known to me which requires undergrads to study either the history or
philosophy of science generally, or the history or philosophy of their
particular discipline."

Ted comments:

I have good news for you, Cameron. All science majors at Messiah are
required to take a senior level capstone course, half of the sections (or
more) of which I teach myself. That course is devoted to, in the order of
time spent: (a) history of science (I teach the "scientific revolution" to
provide common grounding for all of the various majors in the class; (b)
science and Christian faith (I presently require Galileo's "Letter to
Christina" and Polkinghorne's "Belief in God in an Age of Science," will
probably always use the former and keep failing to find a better alternative
to the latter); (c) philosophy of science; and (d) science and society
(i.e., science and race, science and gender, science and ethics).

We're rare birds in having this requirement, I would agree, but I don't
think we're alone -- quite a few of the "Christian" colleges do likewise, in
some cases (such as Wheaton) to a significant degree they've borrowed from
what we do.

It's the right thing to do, as you say.


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