Re: [asa] BioLogos - Bad Theology?

From: Schwarzwald <>
Date: Sat May 30 2009 - 19:14:18 EDT

Heya Mike,

One question.

Nevertheless, we are still left with the fact that natural selection is a
> mindless process, leading Dawkins to famously liken it to a blind
> watchmaker. I think this metaphor is instructive for two reasons. We might
> expect differences between a seeing watchmaker and a blind watchmaker.
> Second, a blind watchmaker can be led with the appropriate seeing eye dog.
> There are many directions to go from here.

One question I have: Why exactly are we "left with the fact that natural
selection is a mindless process"? I know you have a weighted criteria for
attempting to discern between guided and unguided - but this is actually a
key point of interest for me. There are theists/christians who have problems
with ID, and I think one key to their disagreement is that they view ideas
like "natural selection is mindless" as either pragmatic suppositions or (in
their view, incorrect) metaphysics.

Or is it more that you grant that natural selection is a mindless process
for the sake of argument?

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