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Date: Wed May 27 2009 - 20:33:15 EDT

You raise an important question that goes to the meaning of what is physical. Of all the concepts needed to know and understand the whole of reality, I think the term “physical” ought to be the easiest to define unambiguously. If we cannot do that with the term “physical,” I do not think we can accurately define any relevant term needed in order to study the whole of reality. No matter how “spooky” quantum mechanics may be, it is still a physical description of Nature thus not relevant to the nonphysical and the supernatural, which are outside of the domain of the physical. Note that the operational definition of physical is that which interacts with the purely physical. Therefore, whatever does not interact with the purely physical is in the realm of the nonphysical/supernatural.
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How about the possibility that "physical" is not what you think of as physical but has a spiritual aspect? Quantum phenomena in fact strongly suggest that "physical" is not physical in the way people usually assume but has spooky aspects. It is these mysterious aspects that could make life in a natural way out of nonliving components and cause a soul to emerge in a natural way out of flesh and blood. It should be no surprise to believers in a spiritual God that matter at its most elementary levels should seem spirit-like.

Our idea of "physical" emerges from things like rocks, which consist of huge numbers of constituents stuck tightly together. If we were to see rocks, etc., exclusively as their elementary constituents, our idea of "physical" would likely vanish.


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I am not invoking any sort of vitalism. Those who claim that life can be characterized in purely physical terms let them tell us what that characterization is. The added substance is definitely not physical and thus has to be nonphysical/supernatural. I wrote a letter to PSCF, “Can science make the "breath" of God part of its subject matter?” I think the answer to that question is no!
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Moorad wrote:
> Let me up the ante. Purely physical processes cannot create or bring about
> a human being with the aid and knowledge of only the genetic code, but
> even life cannot so arise
> either. This is the fundamental point that the living cannot come from the
> nonliving. I suppose only God can bring this about.

Does that mean you believe in vitalism? There's a nice history and summary
of it in Wikipedia:
Or would you distinguish your view from vitalism in that the added
"substance" must be non-physical?
If the latter, would you mind sharing with us the evidence both for and
against your position?


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