Re: [asa] Fossil Discovery Is Heralded

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Wed May 27 2009 - 13:46:06 EDT
John Burgeson (ASA member) wrote:
But assume the discovery is made of a whole slew of rabbit fossils in
pre-cambrian strata?


If the rabbits were found widely dispersed and not in just a small area, then to my mind that should falsify evolution although other theories have anomalies and we still utilize them while we look for a better solutions or even as close approximations when the conditions are appropriate (eg Newtons gravitational theory). 

In fact however you are right that evolution would not be falsified since there are a great many biologists that lean upon evolution to be intellectually fulfilled atheists.  It does not seem to bother any one else on this list but I tend to look at evolutionary science in somewhat the same way as I do that produced by YECs.  Obviously since I accept common descent I have a considerably higher opinion of evolutionary science than I do of YEC output.  I'm very suspicious when someone's world view/religion makes them want the science to come out in a certain way and I require extra evidence before accepting it.  Of course having both Keith and David on this list is rather reassuring as is Francis Collins genome work. 

Dave W
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