Re: [asa] Musing on entropy, chaos, and omniscience

From: dfsiemensjr <>
Date: Mon May 25 2009 - 18:49:13 EDT

You're right in the first paragraph. Pantheism is more common than
theism. And creationism is unique to the Hebraeo-Christian outlook. As
for the second paragraph, you have either to posit an infinite time of
plain and fancy finger-twiddling or to consider a time when the deity of
this world came into being, as proposed by neo-Platonism. Even William
Lane Craig, who wants God to be temporal now, claims that he became so
when he created the universe. Before that (wrong word, but the best we've
got) he was eternal in the sense of being timeless. Of course, a sequence
of deities only pushes the basic problem back to an earlier being.

There is the old story of the atheist father who planted a garden bed to
read, "God is nowhere," which his son read as "God is now here." Fact is,
what the atheist intended is true, for God is not a spatial entity.
However, all of creation is "open" to him. However, the only way we can
imagine his immanence is spatially. I see an analogy in the fact that we
cannot image the Cantorean infinities: we can only follow the logic of
their construction. For that matter, we run into impossibilities trying
to image aleph-null.
Dave (ASA)

On Mon, 25 May 2009 14:08:33 -0700 Jim Armstrong <>
> Or is it more like everythingness, similarly problematic for us
> bounded
> folks? I think our usual notion of God and His domain is more like
> this
> than nothingness. Still, either is a speculation, with some
> uncertainty
> as to whether written words in holy writ are helpful or not in
> grasping
> anything of that existence.
> Oh, and Dave, I am not troubled by God tinkering, before or after
> that
> singularity (whatever that might mean in the absence of time as we
> know
> it), though that wasn't really what I was trying to convey. However,
> gathering and forming are a bit different than experimenting, more
> like
> sculpting, I think.
> JimA [Friend of ASA - and surely past my post limit today]
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