Re: [asa] ID/Miracles/Design (Behe vs. Behe)

From: Bill Powers <>
Date: Mon May 25 2009 - 15:20:34 EDT


You say:
> I am puzzled by your last paragraph. If there is an "anthropic law" written
> into the universe which increases the available probabilistic resources to
> the point where the macroevolutionary creation of man is highly probable or
> even inevitable, what is such a law if not a manifestation of design? If
> Randy wants to toy with an anthropic principle, that's fine with me. It will
> lead him straight to design.

What I mean by this "anthropic law" is that at present physical science
has placed something of a strangle hold on what the physical universe is
capable of. As you well know, this strangle hold has increasingly been
loosened since the days of Maxwell. Nonetheless, we could imagine greater
capabilities available to the physical universe (monads, anyone?).

I am not thinking here of a necessarily theistic addition to the physical
universe. Rather I am thinking of an augmented physical one, something
perhaps along the lines of Tipler, or some other "processed" cosmos.


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