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From: Alexanian, Moorad <>
Date: Mon May 25 2009 - 10:37:50 EDT

I consider the whole of reality to be physical/nonphysical/supernatural. One cannot get more broadminded than that. Witness neuroscience, experimental biology, etc. where the attempt of objectivity forces them to study the physical aspect of the object of their interest. All sorts of measurements in neuroscience, study of genetic coding, DNA, etc. in experimental biology. The nonphysical encompasses much. In fact, all our thoughts, concepts and theories we develop are nonphysical. Over and above that, there is the supernatural, of which the simplest parts are in Nature, in us human being for instance. However, the most important aspect of the supernatural surpasses Nature and brings in the notion of the Creator. This is not reductionism, quite the contrary. Reductionism is when science is, as I have defined it, claimed to be the only way we have of knowing, which is false. It is when science is not defined by its subject matter that one runs into all sorts of confusions and!
  so the there is no limitations of what is accessible to science inquiry and so science is considered to encompass the whole of reality, which I certainly object to.
Here is what I wrote in the American Physical Society News on May 2001 (Volume 10, Number 5)<>
Adrian L. Melott's letter in the March APS News<> is replete with misrepresentations of my January letter. Big Bang cosmology is the precursor to the evolution of the life itself. Linked invariably with the question of the origin of man, it is hard to understand how a cosmological theory developed by man can ever explain the very existence of man. Theories propounded by man, even the elusive TOE, cannot bring anything into being and only a Creator can do that-even quantum vacuum fluctuations do not bring the vacuum into being! I am an evangelical Armenian who believes that man was created in the image of God and thus has the ability to "detect" God in a more convincing fashion than we have in inferring the reality of, say, the microworld. Our belief that "Man shall not live on bread alone" surpasses all scientific knowledge and lies at the very foundation of the humanity of man. Our purpose for doing science and readi!
 ng Scripture is to reconcile in man scientific knowledge with revealed truths.
Moorad Alexanian
UNC at Wilmington
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Your definition of <science> is one of the narrowest (or most strict) around. You say <science> is *just* about physics or the physical. Yet do you also acknowledge how your education in the field of physics biases your perspective?

A <purely physical description> of reality is only a partial one. And it is in many cases a mirage and not reality. Surely you agree with this. You claim some privilege to <operational science> in contrast to <origins science>. Yet you seem to not have been able to transcend the physical sciences in which you were educated. What about <sciences of the non-physical>? Are there none possible by definition?

I,m asking you to step-up your philosophy of science here, Moorad.

In other words, feel free to criticise the American way for its reductionistic views. But you are still not offering anything further that will take us beyond American reductionism, fragmentationism or pragmatism.

Why is this? I would have thought your Armenian education could help you exceed this...


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When you refer to the “genetic encoding,” are you thinking of the genetic encoding of a living organism or just a bunch of atoms and molecules? Surely, how life came about is one of the hardest nuts to crack in the whole notion of a purely physical description of all that there is.


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