Re: [asa] Natural Agents - Cause and Effect, Non-Natural Agents

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Sat May 23 2009 - 17:40:17 EDT

I am tired of the charge that I have not answered the question of my
view of non-natural agents. I have in the only manner that I can.

Below I a passage from one response from a month ago or so.

> Non-natural agents or entities are those that are immaterial (not
> matter or energy). As such, science has no way of investigating
> HOW such agents interact with the material world. Scripture does
> not seem to give much direction either -- its emphasis is on God's
> PURPOSES and WILL and the REVELATION of God's character. So, my
> answer to HOW the supernatural interacts with the natural or
> material universe is -- I have absolutely no idea, and have no idea
> how I could ever know. It does not seem that the question is one
> that God has seen to be of importance for us to know. I suspect
> that it would be incomprehensible to us at any rate.

The other post I did not archive. But in it I stated that if one
take a dualistic view of human nature, then the soul or immaterial
spirit is also non-natural. We cannot therefore investigate the
nature of such a soul or spirit through the natural sciences. We
cannot demonstrate its existence or the nature of its action from
within science. However, human are also natural agents and as
natural agents, human actions can be, and of course are, studied
through the natural sciences.

Natural science cannot study the existence or action of any
immaterial agent (whether God, angels, or souls).

I will say no more, because I have no more to say on this topic.


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