Re: [asa] BioLogos - Bad Theology?

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Sat May 23 2009 - 05:52:53 EDT


Although I have not been able to follow the emails completely it seems
to me that your argument is unassailable given two assumptions

1) Metaphysical naturalism is not part of Darwinism. I usually assume
that it is.

2) God is able to create any one of an infinite set of universes.
God's abilities compared to ours are very very large, incomprehensibly
so, but I often wonder if it is truly infinite. Here I am not talking
about logically impossible activities or those that conflict with God's
character but I wonder if even given those exclusions if God can
literally do any one of an infinite number of things??? However, having
said that maybe God can choose from a large enough set of universes to
include Ted et all. Maybe George can comment on God's attributes.

Somehow all this seems to be related to how many angles can dance on the
head of a pin.

Dave W

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