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Huge difference. Christ would not rebuke all Christians- just those who don't follow His teachings. The same with Luther and Calvin. So also- the same with Darwin. Cameron himself said Darwin would not agree with Dawkin's atheistic viewpoint.

If you are a Christian- would Christ rebuke you? I pity the person who says "yes" because it means they are knowingly out-of-line with Christ's teachings (I'm not talking about petty problems because no one is perfect we all know).

I guess I'm wrong, though, because Huxley was around the time of Darwin arguing for an atheistic worldview based on Darwin's science, supposedly with Darwin's blessing. Dawkins is a modern-day Huxley as I understand it. So I guess I was giving Darwin too much credit... but I'm not an expert on his relationship with Huxley.


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And I expect that Christ would rebuke the Christians, Calvin would
rebuke the Calvinists, Luther the Lutherans, Mohamed the Mohamedians
and on and on.

Dave W
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Dehler, Bernie wrote:
> Cameron- nice post.
> And also:
> "Nonetheless, both Darwin and Dawkins are Darwinists."
> First- is it fair to call Dawkins a Darwinist when you even say that Darwin would have rebuked Dawkins? Also, it is funny that you would call Darwin a Darwinist, because obviously the "Darwinist" tag is named after "Darwin."
> If you would call Dawkins a Darwinist, but Darwin would have rebuked Dawkins, then it seems inconsistent to attach Darwin to Dawkins, by the "Darwinist" label. It's not fair, if it would have made Darwin mad to witness such a thing, which we both seem to agree would displease Darwin. So instead of calling Dawkins a Darwinist, it seems to me a better label is needed, since Darwin himself would have rebuked Dawkins. As it is, Darwin's name is being tarnished, unnecessarily and unfairly, when referring to Dawkins as a Darwinist.

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